AMQ™ Questionnaire


Discipline 1 - Clients

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  1. Does the firm consistently assess client satisfaction and loyalty?    
  2. Does the firm interview lost clients to improve the client service process?    
  3. Does your management team (partners and managers) proactively serve your top 150 clients? Let's define proactive service as helping your clients run their business by assisting with business/financial decisions.    
  4. Does your management team (partners and managers) consistently ask for referrals from existing clients?    
  5. Does the firm proactively communicate time sensitive information to its clients?    
  6. Does the firm grade its clients on a regular basis?    

Discipline 2 - Referral Opportunities

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  1. Does the firm have a program for developing and nurturing referral sources?    
  2. Does the firm track the sources of its referrals?    
  3. Does the firm acknowledge referrals (even those that don't become clients) with appropriate recognition and reciprocity when possible?    
  4. How would you characterize the overall awareness level among your potential referral sources in terms of the services your firm offers BEYOND the core tax, assurance and accounting offerings?    
  5. Does the firm, as a whole, ask for referrals from attorneys, bankers, etc.?    

Discipline 3 - Prospective Clients

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  1. Does your firm interview lost proposals and use the information to improve the sales process?    
  2. Does your firm have established niche practices?    
  3. Has your firm developed a concise list of "future clients" (prospects) to pursue?    
  4. Does your firm have initiatives in place to systematically build relationships with your "future prospects"?    
  5. Do your partners and managers consistently meet with prospective clients on a monthly basis?    

Discipline 4 - Supporting Activities

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  1. Does the firm have an effective written marketing plan?    
  2. Does the firm brochure reflect the quality of service offered by the firm?    
  3. Does the firm website provide thought leadership to the visitors? For example, a weekly blog in a specific niche.    
  4. Does the firm actively write and publish articles in local publications and trade journals?    
  5. Does your firm use social media as part of your marketing strategy?    
  6. Does your firm distribute an e-newsletter?    

Enabling Activities

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  1. Does your firm train its partners and staff in practice development?    
  2. Does the partner compensation system provide monetary rewards for partners who excel at practice development?    
  3. Does your firm financially reward the development of new business to non-partners?    
  4. Is marketing a criterion for promotion of staff to partner?    
  5. How would you rate the business development skills of your partners and managers?    

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